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Mobile checkpoint is part of a system of protection designed to address including defensive in dealing with terrorist threats, the delay gets (people and vehicles) interested in the conference area of the field.

Barrier spikes

Barrier consists of several rows of spikes that are opened as a single unit in the form of an accordion, spikes digging into the tire to remove the air until a complete stop of the vehicle.

CP spikes invested considerable thought of comfort in use and an emphasis on the special needs of the user, superb ergonomics side Fonktzonliot and advanced practical technology.

user friendly

Barrier spikes carried in a hard plastic case is folded accordion-shaped.

Light in weight, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Comfort in use

Rope used for quick and easy deployment across any terrain.

One unit consists of drop down accordion-shaped.

Utilities replaceable spikes thrust through.


The tire was stabbed by 4-6 hollow spikes that govern while air port.

The tire air out time within 12-20 seconds.

Usable power up again in a short time.

Stable and not reversed.


Automotive tire spikes sticking does not endanger the driver losing control, controlled vehicle
Until it stops completely.

Operator safety.


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