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Dumping independent, rechargeable, self-supporting.

Assessment is used by the security forces in order to gather evidence on the scene, a general dumping lighting, for the purposes of checking and more. Civilian use, general-purpose portable lamp as the lighting.


LED lamps :

2 LED 5 watts each, quality and innovative Chip Cree-T6 sample, bulb life of 50,000 hours of work.

Light shade color – 6000-7500 Kelvin, cold white light Day.

Intensity of light – full luminescence condition 1200 lumens, low illumination mode / economical 600 lumens.

Distance beacon – lighting dumping within the effective range of up to 85 meters illumination angle of 60 degrees.

Body Evaluation

Lighting Head made of hard plastic with shock absorbing lenses scatter light.

Malomiom telescopic mast lightweight 3-arthritis adjust the desired height.

Hard plastic narrow body structure with a three-legged tripod optimum stability.

Closed length – 74 cm.

Maximum length opening – 1.80 m.

Switches opening / closing the tripod and mast are located side of the body a quick and easy operation.

Folding mast and a flashlight into one unit easy to carry using a shoulder strap.

When closed, the laptop is used flashlight.

Weight with two batteries, cradle claim, wall charger and car charger – 3.9 kg.

Customized assessment work under difficult conditions of rain, dust and shocks in accordance with IP65 Waterproof Standard.

Operating modes:

Smart switch includes current battery status indicator is the optimal body control duty convenient.

Switch with four operating modes – high luminescence intensity, luminescence intensity is low, SOS, and Off Mode.

battery :

Lithium ion batteries 2, 7.4 volt huge volume of 4.4 amps.

Working time constant illumination intensity control – 3 to 3.5 hours of operation.

Continuous working time low illumination intensity / economical – 6 to 7 hours of operation.

Kit comes with two batteries and enables low-intensity working time of about 13 hours straight.

Kit contents:

Head dumping lighting lens and a tripod.

2 li-ion battery with a particularly high flow capacity 4400 MAH.

Cradle argument battery.

AC wall charger fast-charging 220 v.

Car Charger DC 12-24 v evaluation with the possibility to enter directly from a vehicle.

Overall quality carrying bag strap.

Extras and accessories:

Other Batteries

Current supply cable of any length required to directly operate the vehicle.


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